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Our huts come in four sizes 12', 14', 16' and 18'. Each hut can accomodate different features depending on its size and use. Included as standard features are; metal chassis with 24"cast wheels, 100% pure sheepwool insulation (no recycled plastic),  hardwood windows & doors, oak steps and air dried oak feather edge cladding.

High quality features as standard are a great base for us to build your own design from. Optional extras are, bespoke framed kitchen hand painted to your colour choice, ensuite bathroom, woodburner, wall bed and seating area.

We are happy to help design a hut for you to suit your own unique needs, by phone, email or in person. We have a hut available for viewing (by appointment) for those seeking inspiration or to see what could be achievable.

18 feet luxury shepherds hut with kitchen, bathroom, banquette seating, wall bed and log burner.


The long stay measures 18' x 8'. And can include such features as our bespoke in frame kitchen, deep filled banquette seating or maybe a foldaway bed, the choice is yours.

Price's typically range from £49,500 - £55,000 + 5% vat

The Ewes & Me

The Ewes and me is a little shorter at 16'.  Although smaller this hut can still accommodate a bespoke in frame kitchen, bathroom and double bed.

Price's typically range from £47,200 - £50,100 + 5% vat

16 feet luxury shepherds hut with standard features such as metal chassis, oak cladding, hardwood window and doors and pure sheepwool insulation.
14 feet Luxury shepherds hut. ideal for a guest room or maybe a cosy retreat.

The Higgledy

A great space for a home office, garden retreat, art studio  or maybe an extra guest room. At 14' there is plenty of room to spend more time on your hobby or somewhere quiet to work.

Price's from £29,700 +20% vat

The Piggledy

A traditional size of hut at 12'.  The Piggledy  would make a beutiful addition to any garden. Maybe you'd like an office space then we can design and make a bespoke desk or maybe some unique features for a childrens' den?

Price's from £28,200 + 20% vat

12 feet Luxury shepherds hut. A great hideaway to spend more time on that hobby, or maybe somewhere for the children to play.

Huts that include a bathroom, bed and kitchen are classed as livable and charged at 5% vat. All other huts are charged at 20% vat.

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