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INSULATION - Our furniture makers find that wool's unique advantage is its breathability. That is its ability to absorb and release moisture from the surrounding air, without compromising it's thermal efficiency. When wool fibres absorb moisture, they generate tiny amounts of heat. This warmth acts to prevent condensation in construction cavities by maintaining the temperature above the dew-point in damp conditions.  This property creates a natural buffering effect, stabilising heat changes that occur with relative humidity. Practically, this reduces the need to keep adjusting heating or cooling levels as wool insulation will keep a building cooler during the day and warmer during the night.

The insulation used in our huts is 100% pure wool with no added polyester. And also features ionic protect.

INTERIOR CLADDING - Unsorted Redwood FSC (Premium Grade) - Unsorted means the lower grades have been removed, or sorted. Resulting in a more stable timber with less knots.

ENGLISH OAK - UK sourced oak from our local timber merchants, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. All our timber is FSC and has a chain of custody, to give traceability back to its source. 

HUT BASE - For the hut base we use high spec Marine plywood (BS1088) , which is then given a waterproof treatment. 

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FRAMEWORK - For our framework we use treated 3" x  2"  timber.  Treated timber will resist the elements better than untreated and so will maintain its integrity in conditions that would cause normal wood to rot. 

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ELECTRICS - Our electricians Aircrew Electrical are NICEIC registered. They are assessed on a regular basis to ensure that they are competent and capable of meeting the relevant technical and safety standards, codes of practice and rules of the schemes they are registered to.

BS 7671 - British Standard

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